Introducing CMO's innovative solution addressing the European Union Deforestation Regulation -EUDR.

Understanding the EU Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR)

The EU Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) is a pioneering initiative by the European Union to globally reduce deforestation linked to forestry and agriculture. Effective from December 30th, 2024, operators/traders exporting commodities like cattle, wood, cocoa, soy, palm oil, coffee, rubber, and derivatives must prove that their products are not from recently deforested areas and do not contribute to forest degradation.

Unveiling CMO Tracer : Redefining Supply Chain Traceability for EUDR Compliance

Unlock precision with CMO Tracer—the cutting-edge solution for seamless traceability. Tailored for efficiency, it empowers producers, traders, and processors to document every step of their supply chain journey meticulously.


1. Effortless Onboarding:

  • Streamlined integration with a user-friendly interface.
  • Map GIS site locations and polygons and input essential information with ease.
  • Ability to seamlessly import/export GeoJSON coordinates for enhanced spatial data integration.

2. Real-Time Stock Management:

  • Receive instant notifications upon new stock arrivals.
  • Traders and processors can accept or reject stock with a tap.
  • Processors can review and record processed stock effortlessly.

3. Streamlined Transactions:

  • Record every transaction seamlessly for transparent operations.

4. Comprehensive Web Portal:

  • Gain insights into product origins and processing journeys.
  • Access traceability data via our user-friendly web portal and APIs for downstream processing in third-party ERP systems.

5. Data Recording and Reporting:

  • Seamlessly record every step of your supply chain with CMO Tracer, ensuring compliance with the EUDR. Capture essential information such as product details, supplier information, geographic coordinates, and evidence of legal harvest. Generate comprehensive reports or records to streamline the process of obtaining the EUDR Due Diligence Certificate.

6. Smooth Integration with CMO Empower:

  • CMO Tracer perfectly integrates with CMO Empower for comprehensive forestry management, covering certification, auditing, and GIS-enabled production data.


During the onboarding process, the producer or farmer provides their information, legal documents, GIS coordinates, and compartment mapping data. This ensures a smooth integration into the Tracer app. Here, we demonstrate the user-friendly process of recording the creation of lots and batches, and seamlessly transmitting them from producers to traders, collectors, and operators.

Upon receiving new stock, the trader receives a notification through the app and is provided with the option to either accept or reject it. Following this, the trader has the flexibility to sell the stock to other traders or processors based on their preferences and business requirements.

Similarly, upon the arrival of new stock, the processor is notified through the app and is allowed to review and decide to either accept or reject it. Subsequently, the processor can record the processed stock within the app by generating a new product entry and dispatching it to their designated destination.

On our web portal, users can access traceability information about the product's origin, along with data on all the processes the product underwent. This information covers all the requirements for the generation of the EUDR Due Diligence Certificate.

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