Taylor Montgomery

Group Human Resource Manager

Taylor holds her Masters’s degree in Human Resource Management, a BCom Hons Human Resources and Labour Relations degree as well as a BCom Human Resources and Labour Relations degree. She has spent her entire career based in South Africa and obtained her education from the University of Pretoria, boasting top-of-the-class and cum laude accolades. Starting off her career she spent time as a tutor and leader at the University and continued to build her network and skill set.

During the early stages of her career, she joined a well-known trade union and built excellent Labour Relations skills, knowledge, and first-hand experience. She then moved into the Human Resources department at the same Trade Union. Taylor’s passion for Human Resources grew stronger as her career progressed, and she later joined one of the leading Corporate Paper and Packaging International Companies where she has worked her way up through the ranks, adding value in the People Development (PD) and Human Resource (HR) spaces. Here she gained substantial knowledge and expertise across the entire field of PD and HR.

She brings extensive theoretical and experiential, both national and international, knowledge to the CMO Group. Her technical background mainly spans the Professional, Mining, Manufacturing, Packaging, Paper & Pulp as well as Forestry industries. Taylor’s focus is highlighted throughout all of the HR-related matters and her passion for HR leadership, people, and a highly functional workforce remains a recipe for great success.