Michal Brink


Michal, possessing a Ph.D. in Forestry and an MBA earned in both the USA and South Africa, brings distinguished qualifications to his role as the CEO of CMO. He also holds a part-time extraordinary professorship in forest sciences at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, showcasing his academic prowess.

With an illustrious forestry career spanning over 80 countries across the northern and southern hemispheres, Michal has garnered extensive experience in forestry companies and held global leadership positions in major corporations. Notably, he served as the head of the worldwide forest certification division at SGS, the world’s largest forest certification company based in Switzerland.

Over the past two decades, Michal has passionately pursued forestry as a consultant and trainer, dedicating a significant portion of his time to CMO. He sees forestry as more than just a job—it’s a lasting hobby.

As the CEO and visionary behind the “new CMO,” Michal plays a pivotal role as a team player, assembling a diverse mix of knowledge, skills, and experience within the executive team. This strategic approach ensures the successful international rollout of CMO’s vision and values.