Ben Potgieter

MD CMO Gabon

Ben has a B Tech in Forestry and has been working extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa since leaving the employ of Sappi Forests some 15 years ago, giving him the opportunity to work in over 10 countries over this period.  His 30 years of operational experience in the forestry supply chain has equipped him with the required competencies to successfully roll out CMO Group Schemes across the world.   

Ben pays attention to detail and his analytical nature of operations allows him to fulfill a specific role in CMO as a finisher.  Ben strives to develop simple, practical solutions to complex issues and to visualize concepts through his artistic nature. He specifically focuses on developing CMO’s unique HIRAC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Control measures) system, where a powerful risk-based, visual approach allows for work procedures to be uniquely configured to add value for all users in the forestry supply chain.