Andrew McEwan

Head of Technical Services

Andrew has a Ph.D. in Forestry, an MSc in Forest Science, a BSc in Forest Science, and an NDip in Forestry. He has visited over 30 countries in his 20-year forestry career and began his career as a practicing forester and managed new plantation developments in pine, eucalypt, and wattle plantations. During his early career, he managed fire protection, silviculture, harvesting, roads, and transport activities.

As his career progressed, his technical strengths emerged, and he filled technical management functions in commercial forestry culminating in his being appointed the Forest Engineering Manager of Mondi Forests. This significant practical and technical exposure has resulted in him having a keen understanding of the technical needs of operational forestry.

The move to a university position resulted in the expansion of industry networks, improved academic, teaching, and research skills, and marked the beginning of a productive consulting career in forestry. Many technical and capacity improvement consulting jobs around the world expanded his competence base considerably.

This unique and unparalleled combination of strong operational background, sound technical and research skills, specialized industry training skills, and high-level academic qualifications have allowed for high-performance management within the technical field.